SPERLONGA: The Perfect Hidden Beach Escape From Rome

Got an extra day in Rome? Why not relax on a beautiful sunny beach! I recently went to Rome for four days, four busy days I should say, and after having seen almost everything, we had some extra time to do as the Italians do and enjoy “dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing).

Beach and flower view in Sperlonga
Beach view in Sperlonga

After doing some research on beaches near Rome, we stumbled upon the little town of Sperlonga; claimed to be the Romans favourite weekend away. Soon after we arrived, we understood why the quaint small town of Sperlonga was so charming and calm that as soon as we stepped off the bus we wished we had stayed an extra day.

With little information and train tickets bought the night before, the next morning we took the 8.36 A.M train from Termini and embarked on one of the best parts of our journey to Italy.



To get there from Rome, there are trains that go from Stazione Termini to Fondi-Sperlonga. The train is usually around an hour and twenty minutes.

  • A return ticket is around 13 euros (a cheaper alternative)
  • Buy tickets online and you can get an e-ticket on your phone with a bar scan which can be checked (and also saves you time)
  • We got our tickets at www.goeuro.com
  • You can also get them at www.trenitalia.com
  • Try to get to Stazione Termini at least 15 minutes before your train as it does take a while to walk to get to your train!

From the train station, there is a bus that arrives hourly (on the dot at 10,11,12, etc). If you follow the crowd when getting off the train, it will lead you to where the buses are. On Sundays, both trains and buses are less active so do keep this in mind!

  • The bus is once an hour, one is to Sperlonga and the other is to Fondi, check which one you’re getting on!
  • The bus usually coincides with the trains that come from Rome so it should be there shortly after you arrive.
  • The bus fee is 1.50, which you can pay to the driver once you get on.
  • You can get off either at the top of the mountain and walk down the stairs for 10 minutes to the beach, or wait to get off when the bus gets down the mountain.
  • We got off at the bottom and wished we had got off before as we would’ve seen more of Sperlonga that way!
Fondi-Sperlonga train station
Fondi-Sperlonga train station

If you decide to rent a car, the drive should be around two and a half hours (depending on traffic, and mind the weekends during summer).


To get to the beach its either a 10 minute walk if you stop at the top of the mountain, or just a turn towards any restaurant. Keep in mind that very few stretches of the beach are actually public, and as you’re here to do as the Italians do, you might as well hire a cabana!

Chairs in Lido BluMarine in Sperlonga
Chairs in Lido BluMarine

We chose Lido BluMarine, and purchased two beach chairs for the day for 15 euros. This includes an umbrella for when it gets a bit too hot, and you can order food from the restaurant!

If you’re planning when to eat, in classic Italian fashion, most places will be closed between 3-7, so do try to plan around those times.


If you don’t want to spend the whole day sizzling away under the sun or have got an extra day, there are some things that are worth seeing in Sperlonga.


You can visit Sperlonga’s archaeological museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale Grotta di Tiberio). If you noticed in the title, Tiberius’ Grotto stands here. Bit of trivia: Tiberius was Rome’s second emperor, and he used to love to vacation in Sperlonga, which drove him to build a villa there. The Grotto that you see standing today, is part of what the dining room used to be. Additionally, at the museum, you can see many different ancient sculptures.


Easy to find and to walk towards, is Torre Tuglia. With its futuristic design, you can’t miss it in Sperlonga. Whilst there’s not much going on around, it is definitely worth walking to it and climbing up, as you get a beautiful sea view from the terrace, it also has no entry fee!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
View from the beach and Torre Tuglia on the right

If you continue walking around the Torre Tuglia, you will stumble upon the marina. Full of little boats and yachts, you can enjoy a wonderful sea side meal with a view from here.


Buses back to Fondi-Sperlonga run every hour at 10 past. The bus stops at the same place you got dropped off (if you got off at the bottom of the mountain). If you need a reference point, this bus stop is right across Hotel Aurora. You will usually see a good amount of people crowding around for the bus, and make sure you’re getting the right one!


Street in Sperlonga

Sperlonga view

Cabanas in Sperlonga

Sperlonga ocean view

Sperlonga water and beach

Sperlonga flowers

Sperlonga view

View from Fondi-Sperlonga

With so much to see and so many picturesque streets (and food to try!), I’m already too excited to go back to Sperlonga.

how to get from sperlonga from rome beach near rome

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18 thoughts on “SPERLONGA: The Perfect Hidden Beach Escape From Rome

  1. I just started blogging and I’m not that quite good ( maybe because i’m just a newbie) so I make reading travel blogs a habit, for me to be able to get new ideas or technique in posting and editing.
    Your blog is awesome! You have a great stuffs. And I think I will learn from you alot😊


  2. Looks and sounds like a great place. Thanx josieariana for such a great and narrative inside of this beautiful place. I just put it on my “bucket list” !! Great places to visit ! (PS. The pic’s are beautiful….)

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