LONDON: Mayfield Lavender Farm

Lavender field

Summer means three things to me, the sun is finally out, people in London look less moody, and I can indulge in fresh lavender lemonade.

As soon as June came by and the weather in London started to get sunnier, I wanted to find a nice day out outside of central London in which I could just relax and spend the day in. I saw that one of my friends went to a lavender field in another country and I immediately researched to see if I could find one in England, and surely I found one just an hour away from central London! I spent about 3 hours here just enjoying the marvelous scent and the magical scenery of 25 whole acres of Lavender, and then enjoyed some treats at the café! Read more about my day in Mayfield Lavender Farm below.


Address: 1 Carshalton Rd, Banstead SM7 3JA

To get to Mayfield Lavender Farm you can either drive or take public transport. The easiest way is to get a train to either West Croydon or to Purley Station, and then take the 166 bus and get off at Oaks Park (it leaves you right in front of the gate). Getting there and back by public transport should only cost you around £8.

Entry is only £1 per person, and parking is free to anyone if they have paid the entrance fee.

Telephone booth on Lavender Field


Your eyes will be overwhelmed by the sea of purple and the wonderful scent that will, almost literally, take over you. The lavender seems almost endless, surrounded by green forest that is just so refreshing from London air. Lavender starts to fully bloom towards the end of June, and they are in full bloom between July and August, so make sure to go within this time frame!

I spent most of the time just looking in awe and of course, updating my social media like crazy. Check out the pictures below and you’ll see why!

Lavender field view

Lavender Field

Lavender in Mayfield Lavender Farm

Lavender field view girl

Near the entrance of Mayfield Lavender Farm there is a small cafe and shop offering all things Lavender, including cakes, cupackes, tea, and even ice cream. They also offer sandwiches. You’re not allowed to picnic or bring your own food, so make sure to have eaten before or look forward to having some of their delicious desserts! I sat down and enjoyed some Handmade All Butter Lavender Shortbread (also bought a pack to bring home), and of course some delicious Lavender Lemonade!

Lavender Lemonade

The shop is full of lavender goodies, ranging from soaps, treats, sachets, jams, and even lavender liquor.

All the lavender is organic and as you walk through you’ll hear the buzzing of the bumble bees. A perfect day out from London to escape the buzz from the city into the buzz from bees.

What is your favourite place to go to during summer? Let me know if you’d like me to post a Lavender Lemonade recipe!

Looking for free things to do in London? Check out my post on Sky Gardens!

31 thoughts on “LONDON: Mayfield Lavender Farm

  1. You didn’t mention lavender honey. I was curious if they kept honey bees in the area since honey bees love lavender. I have several lavender plants in my prayer garden and it’s fun to watch the honey bees foraging them for food in the summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ruth! I actually didn’t look specifically for the product of lavender honey in their stalls, however, the lavender farm is indeed full of the lovely buzz of bees! x


  2. Hi Josie,
    Your pictures with the purple flowers are beautiful. I almost became a travel blogger since I travel often. Instead, I offer blogging tips.
    I met you in the Community Pool where you said you are a new blogger. Congratulations on starting your blog recently. Maybe you can check out my blog. I blog over at I help new bloggers at my site. I also host six blogging events each month where you could meet new readers.

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  3. Wow that is so beautiful! I love lavender, I’ve been meaning to grow my own but just haven’t come across any this summer. I would love to visit here, adding it to my list forsure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gorgeous!
    We passed a couple of lavender farms this winter while we were walking along the North Downs way (which is SUCH a good way to escape London and walk!) It looks sooo much nicer in the summer. There must have been an amazing aroma in the air!


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