EASTBOURNE: A Weekend Getaway That Won’t Break The Bank

One of my best friends has lived in the south of England for a couple of years now and has been asking me to come visit her for a really long time and I have never really got round to it. It was one of those plans that you always think it’s going to happen but never does until finally one day I decided that if I didn’t do it now I never would. Surely, I booked my train tickets online and was on my way to Eastbourne that very weekend!

I have never been to any other seaside towns other than Brighton, so I was excited not only to see my friend but also to see what the English seaside and East Sussex has to offer.

DAY ONE: Aegon International Eastbourne and exploring the seaside

The first day was quite spontaneous, we went for a quick coffee and decided to buy tickets for Aegon International Eastbourne. This is a tennis tournament that is held here right before Wimbledon and having never watched a professional tennis match live, we decided to give this activity a try.

Aegon International Eastbourne tennis travel
Entrance at Aegon International Eastbourne

We quickly bought some Pimm’s and sat down for the next game, embarking on our new journey as amateur tennis enthusiasts. We actually ended up really enjoying it and the day was really fun!

Aegon International Eastbourne tennis travel sport

As soon as we walked into the grounds we noticed a crowd forming around what we saw was the “Winners Walk” and we (rightfully) assumed someone great was going to come out shortly (because we’re nosy). Just in time, out walks Novak Djokovic! We took a few pictures and got to see him in person (he’s a lot taller than I thought he would be). Talk about luck!

Aegon International Eastbourne novak djokovic tennis
Novak Djokovic

We then proceeded to attend the Monfils vs. Gasquet match. This was a really wonderful experience and such an entertaining match. We were happy to leave Aegon International as former amateur tennis enthusiasts and now as slightly less amateur tennis enthusiasts.

For the rest of the day, we decided to explore the colourful streets of Eastbourne and have some delicious Italian gelato by the pier!

Eastbourne colourful houses travel england
Colourful houses in Eastbourne

Eastbourne colourful houses travel england short trip pink

Eastbourne colourful houses seaside street travel england getaway colour


My second day in Eastbourne involved a lot less sitting and a lot more hiking than the previous day. We explored the South Downs National Park and walked all the way to Beachy Head and Birling Gap from Eastbourne. This whole journey was so gorgeous and striking that the fact that we were tired and had worked for it made it ten times better!

If you ever do decide to do this, do wear comfortable clothing and (especially!) shoes, as this is quite a long hike (we did it in about 3 hours). Another tip that I would give is to try and do it on a day that isn’t too windy, as when you’re up there it is very windy and there isn’t much protection up there and there have been cases of people falling before.

South Downs National Park eastbourne beachy head
Walking towards South Downs National Park
South Downs National Park beachy head eastbourne travel
View of Eastbourne from the top

The views were incredible and the greenery was almost overwhelming, it is such a beautiful sight and every direction that you look in is a perfect picture!

Beachy Head eastbourne travel
Close to the cliff edge, be cautious!

Beachy head is formed of chalked headland is located east of the iconic Seven Sisters. Beachy Head is actually the highest cliff in all of Britain, its highest point rising at 531 ft above sea level. If you have a clear and sunny day (like I did), your view will be filled with gorgeous English greenery and beautiful blue seaside.

South Downs Beachy Head Eastbourne travel

South Downs Beachy Head Eastbourne travel lighthouse sea

South Downs Beachy Head Eastbourne travel windy

We finished our walk at Birling Gap. Located here is the Beachy Head Pub and the Beachy Head Countryside Centre. If you walked all the way here just like we did, you definitely should reward yourself with a drink and this view!

Birling Gap South Downs Beachy Head Eastbourne travel
Birling Gap


Birling Gap Eastbourne Beachy Head
The Seaside at Birling Gap


This little trip definitely inspired me to plan more trips to the South of England this summer. What’s your favourite seaside town?


Colourful Houses in Eastbourne

South Downs National Park Map Beachy Head Travel Eastbourne

South Downs National Park girl travel eastbourne


Belle Tout lighthouse Beachy Head eastbourne travel england
Belle Tout lighthouse at Beachy Head


Eastbourne Pier weekend

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28 thoughts on “EASTBOURNE: A Weekend Getaway That Won’t Break The Bank

  1. Great post Josie, I’m from (West) Sussex and have been to Eastbourne just a couple of times, as I always thought of it as a bit of an ‘older’ persons town. However you capture it so well, so I think I will give it another shot next time I’m around (plus I’m older now!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was my first time and I was really there to visit a friend. Think because I filled the weekend with activities we didn’t really notice the elderly people, it was really a cute little town.


  2. So pretty! I would love to travel to England.. keeping this area in mind if we ever go. I have to ask… what is that drink you took a picture of? It looks like it has Mint in it? I know you said “pimms” but I’m unsure what that is. Ha.

    Great photos. Following for more 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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