My Travel Bucketlist

As someone who loves to travel creating a travel and lifestyle blog seemed like the most natural thing I could do. I thought this would be a great little post not only for myself but also to see what everyone else’s travel inspirations are!

I have been very lucky in my life to have had the opportunity to not only have travelled as much as I have but also to reside in different places. I just turned 22 in May, and I have been to 22 countries! I have lived in 4, beginning at my home country Guatemala. I moved to the United States very young, moved back, and at the age of 11 moved to Dubai. I lived there until I graduated high school, and then proceeded to move by myself to London to pursue my degree. I love going to new places and I can’t wait to hopefully go to some of the places in this bucketlist!

Travel Bucketlist Pinterest

  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • France (coming soon)
  • Guatemala
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Tanzania
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Wales (coming soon)

What is your next travel destination?

95 thoughts on “My Travel Bucketlist

  1. Guatemala was one of my favourite countries to have visited!! I’d love to visit Dubai one day and also want to experience living abroad not just travelling! 😊


  2. I love to see my home country Sweden on your list. If you are brave go to the north in the winter and stay in the ice hotel. It’s fantastic! But freezing πŸ˜‰

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  3. Greece. I want to go to Greece. I envy your location. So many places to see in such close proximity. In the states it isn’t possible to go anywhere on your side of the world for a weekend. So gathering the time and money are a problem, but you are a true inspiration.

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    1. I love Greece! I need to go see more of it. You’re right, I’m quite lucky to live in close proximity of a lot of places (and I’m trying to take advantage of it!). x


  4. I’m currently on a working holiday visa in Canada and am exploring this beautiful country. I’ve also lived in NZ, Australia and England. My next travel destination would be either Norway, Iceland or Lake Tahoe. Anywhere where there are mountains basically! I’m on 26 countries and counting, so many places, so little time!

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  5. Great bucket list. Most of my list honestly consist of the island. After this week I am going to reevaluate my list. I’m sure there is so much more to life than sitting on the beach and reading a good book. But after working so hard, it is impossible for me to think of doing anything else,,

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  6. Wow, you sure have traveled a lot,22 places at 22. Sure this is not some record;-0.But seriously, you have quite an interesting life. I love to travel, but right now have to satisfy myself with reading about all those places. I’m creating a bucket list myself which I intend to complete:-) .And few of these places are included in it as well.

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  7. I am amazed you’ve built quite a record! 22 at 22! It’s like a new adventure every time.

    I only started travelling when I started working (but not travelling for work sadly) but a few of the places that are my future travel destinations are Patagonia (Chile and Argentina), Mauritius, Greece, and the Palawan region in the Philippines.

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  8. This looks great! If I could, I would love to visit all those places as well!
    I personally just got back from Norway, and as I saw you added Sweden to your list, I definitely think you would absolutely love Norway too! I posted three blogposts on my site with lots of pictures and on YouTube (@Lysbeth Koster : Travel with me | NORWAY) a short video. The fjords and the untouched nature is overwhelming! Hope you like it and might even add Norway to your list as well!

    Much love,
    Lysbeth from

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  9. I went to Mexico once but other than that haven’t left the country, your list of places you have visited is truly amazing! You’re lucky to be able to travel that much, I definitely couldn’t do that with two kids LOL

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      1. I think it was Ensenada and it was beautiful! The vibe felt so different from what I am used to, crazy to be so different from others and live so differently! Hope you get the opportunity to revisit Mexico πŸ™‚

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  10. Love this! I wrote a travel bucket list as well, but I narrowed mine down to 10 countries. Sort of. I mean, I counted the UK as one, HAHA. Anyways, it’s so wonderful to have goals and I’m loving yours!!

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  11. Wow 22 places already. You are certainly an experienced traveler. I am quite the opposite. Farming doesn’t lend itself well to travel. Love reading about it though.

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  12. What an interesting life you’ve had. I have barely made it to a two or three cities in Europe and the UK. Here’s hoping you travel to all the places on your bucket list. I want to visit Prague, Rome and Vienna next.

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  13. As someone who lived abroad as a child too, i can completely relate to feeling incredibly lucky! Although I am very jealous that you lived in Dubai as that’s a strong contender on my list. Although I have a change over flight there in October, I don’t believe it counts! Great post! I love seeing other people’s destination goals 🌍

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    1. Thank you! I agree, to be quite honest the main reason why I was so lucky to travel was because I lived in Dubai! I met so many people from around the world that enabled me to go visit them and I also had the opportunity to go on school trips as well as trips with my family! Dubai is worth a visit ( I may be a bit bias though ! haha) πŸ™‚ xx

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