Dubai’s Most Insta-Worthy Spots

Dubai is genuinely one of the most Insta-worthy cities on its own, having lived here for 10 years now I can honestly tell you that as a resident you never get bored of the classic spots but as it is such a growing city, new places pop up every day with great opportunities to fill your Instagram! With so many classic tourists all year-round, spots are hard to find great places where it’s not always full of people. I have recently come back to Dubai and decided that I would show you what I find to be Dubai’s most Insta-worthy spots!


Al Bastakiya



Otherwise known as Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. This neighbourhood actually dates back to the 1980’s and has been recently been restored, now home to many little boutique hotels, lovely cafes, and some friendly workspaces. It’s full of history and not only is it a great way to step into Dubai’s history, you can also try some camel milk ice-cream!

Dubai Marina


A wonderful area for skylines and restaurants and also a bit of shopping! There are many yachts club around here so it’s always great to walk around and see the yachts sail by.

Kite Beach


One of the best beaches to get closest to the Burj Al Arab (unless you actually book to go in). It’s a great way to go to the beach during the day and at the same time have the beautiful back-drop of the 7-star hotel (if you follow me on Instagram, you know this is one of my fave buildings in Dubai).

Madinat Jumeirah


I wasn’t kidding, I truly love the Burj Al Arab. Madinat Jumeirah is a hotel/souk and a local favourite. Full of restaurants, entertainment, and some shopping, you can’t go wrong. A wonderful place to explore inside as well, and one of my personal favourites for drinks or dinner. The Burj lights up at night and changes colour and being near the water creates a beautiful atmosphere!

Palm Jumeirah


I love this spot at the end of Palm Jumeirah, especially at sunset. The sunset gives the skyline a wonderful colour palette and it is a great way to see a busy part of Dubai from afar!




Having told you my favourite place to have dinner I couldn’t have shown you my favourite place for lunch! Salt is currently at Kite Beach in Jumeirah and has some wonderful lemonade (for the heat!). It’s full of quirky corners, palm trees, and just some great opportunities for your Instagram to be filled!

Souk Al Bahar



When people come to visit me in Dubai I always try to avoid Dubai Mall as it is always full and it is hard to get a picture without everyone being in the background or without you being able to get the most Burj Khalifa (it’s the tallest building in the world after all!). Luckily, Souk Al Bahar is near the Burj and if you explore the floors above you can get a great place to get a better picture with this tourist hot-spot!

I hope to share more of my Dubai with you in the next few weeks! I hope to expand on some of the places I mentioned above!

Tomorrow (September 21st), I’m doing an Instagram take-over for the network Women Run This, where I show you around my day in Dubai! Check it out here and follow them! It’s a great #girlboss network to inspire and empower female entrepreneurs, creatives, and bloggers that’s run by the wonderful Kristina Wilde. Hope to see you there tomorrow!

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Photography by: Jurike Havenga, contact her on Facebook

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    1. Hi Fred! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to try some of the camel milk ice cream but I definitely plan on going back to MAKE in the next couple of weeks before I leave! I would really love to try some, it’s a beautiful cafe! x


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