6 best gift ideas to give to a travel lover!

There is nothing greater than giving (and receiving!) a wonderful and thoughtful present from someone that just seems to know what is going to be right up your alley. Looking for the perfect present for your globe-trotting friend? You’ve come to the perfect place, here are my top 6 gift ideas to give to a travel lover in your life.

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I’ve also done another travel-related lifestyle post, talking about all my favourite beauty travel essentials to take with me! Read about it here.

#1: Scratch Map

Photo Courtesy of IWOOT

This is actually on my list of things to buy! There’s something super special about not only being able to scratch off a new place you’ve been to but also to visually see all the places you’ve been lucky to see! Not to mention, it’s also a great decoration piece.

Find it here: iwantoneofthose.com £8.99

#2 Map Print

Photo Courtesy of DESENIO

A more personal gift. This doesn’t even have to be for a travel lover, it can just be for your friend who loves NYC, or London. A great and elegant reminder of their favourite city!

Find it here: desenio.co.uk  £11.95 – £21.95

#3 Travel Wallet

Photo Courtesy of Selfridges

A wonderful addition to your travel bag. It keeps everything in place, your ticket, your passport, and extra things you like to keep in one place (such as your exchanged currency).

Find it here: selfridges.com £130

#4 Passport Sleeve

Photo Courtesy of Skinny Dip

A thoughtful and inexpensive gift to give. Great for anyone who would like to add a little sparkle and brightness to their passport (an otherwise one coloured item).

Find it here: skinnydiplondon.com £12

#5 Personalised Travel Tag

Photo Courtesy of NotOnTheHighStreet

A great gift to give with a personal touch, get their favourite quote or their initials printed on the top!

Find it here: notonthehighstreet.com £20

#6 Clip-On Phone Lenses

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Also one of my personal favourites. These are super useful for someone who doesn’t yet want to invest in a camera, or simply doesn’t want to carry one! A great way to get better pictures on a phone!

Find it here: amazon.co.uk £8.99


have any other gift ideas? comment them below!




69 thoughts on “6 best gift ideas to give to a travel lover!

  1. Thanks for the post. A few essential things that I find do run out and feel would come useful are first aid kits, tenacious tape and a little less essential but useful item is a buff multifunction head band or headwear.

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  2. This is fantastic!!! I had never seen those phone lenses before and I will go check them out immediately on Amazon! Loved the travel wallet as well, specially because I have 3 different passports! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great ideas at perfect times for us! Will be definitely getting those phone attachments for my gf next week 🙂😀 Also come great ideas in the comments section too 😂


  4. I think universal charger would be a great gift too, loved the blog notices so many things you do, the use of different heading fonts, adding follow buttons at the end of the blog post obviously you know your art 🙂


  5. If only I could have a map print of my favourite cities (which are Amsterdam and Singapore), I would be the happiest person on earth! Shall look for friends which are enough rich to have it done specifically for me :3


  6. Hey Josie, just wanted to let you know. I am getting your latest posts via email but when I click into them and it takes me to your blog a message displays with page not found??? Not sure why, just thought I’d let you know. Lorelle 🙂

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  7. The scratch map is so awesome! Though, do you scratch off an entire country when you’ve just visited one city? If I had to suggest another great gift for a traveler it would be a HydroFlask insulated bottle. Insulated for warm and cold. If you’re grabbing coffee wherever you are, you typically can save some money by filling a personal mug, and also help in reducing waste. Also for water in airports! On top of that, if for some reason you are not filling it with water, it can be a good place to keep essentials inside of a bag, and quite inconspicuous as it’s not usually a place someone would think to stash some extra cash.

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    1. I know I love it! Since its a bit of a smaller map you can’t really just scratch off cities, but I do know that there are specific country maps (e.g. USA, UK, Australia) where you can scratch off cities if that is what you’re looking for!

      That’s a wonderful suggestion! I often have to go by not having water with me or buying another bottle at the airport as they make you throw liquids away but this would be a great way to not have to!


  8. Oh, I love these ideas! In part because I have so many globe-trotting friends and relatives but also, as an avid traveller myself, I could most definitely use one or two of these essentials. I recently did a post on organizational essentials on my blog, so your article immediately appealed to me, as there are never ‘enough’ unique, practical, functional and still fashionable gift ideas one can have! I look forward to checking out more of your blog and following your posts in the future!


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  9. I like to get my traveling friends those backup battery chargers; the ones that you charge ahead of time, then connect your phone or tablet to charge between power stations. They come in handy.

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